Oxford Youth Lab and Right to Succeed Succeed

Oxford Youth Lab and Right to Succeed have joined forces to become one organisation following a social lab process to design and deliver collective solutions to the problems facing young people in education and employment.

The charity will be working to build and scale research-informed interventions that help create the conditions in which young people from low-income backgrounds can thrive. Key to our approach will be working with those who have first hand knowledge of the local context and of the needs of the children and young people in that area.

The new charity will have its official launch in the Spring.


All photos used on this website have been taken by children and young people from Blackpool’s pupil referral unit Educational Diversity. They capture the town through their eyes. 

What we dodo


Locally Led - We work with those who know their local contexts most in order to embed sustainable change

Collective - We bring cross-sector partners together to maximise expertise and knowledge

Capacity Building - We nurture talent in the communities we work in to strengthen what already exists 

Research-Informed - We go beyond assumptions and use live research to make decisions based on what has been evidenced


We are currently using our collective, social lab approach to transform pupil outcomes in under-performing secondary schools and to prevent the exclusion of those most at risk in both the primary and secondary context. Beyond this, we are using a similar research-informed process with the Government Outcomes Lab based at Oxford University on a project around improving youth employment.

Please see our individual project pages for more information.


Working collectively is the essence of how we operate. We believe that those on the ground know best the issues in the local context and we are honoured to work with them to find collective solutions to the challenges children and young people face.

For a full list of our supporters and delivery partners please see our network page.